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Shipping & delivery

We offer FREE shipping worldwide.

Total delivery time consists of Order processing time + Shipping time:

Order processing time: All orders are sent to the warehouse for dispatch within 24 hours after the order is placed. The fulfillment warehouse then processes the order, which takes an additional 2–4 days. All orders must be approved by the fraud detection system before they can be shipped.

Shipping time: This refers to the time it takes for items to be shipped from the fulfillment warehouse to the final destination.

You will receive a confirmation of shipping e-mail providing you with a link to your tracking information after order processing is completed. This marks the end of order processing time and the start of shipping time.

The time it takes for orders to arrive varies greatly depending on your location and the efficiency of your local postal service.

We offer free shipping worldwide.

Average shipping times to different locations:

Northern Europe: 14-27 days

Southern Europe: 16-26 days

Northern Africa: 25-40 days

South Africa: 37-57 days

North America: 19-49 days

South America: 16-38 days

Middle East: 28-47 days

SE Asia: 18-30 days

Australia: 20-41 days

New Zealand: 13-20 days

Note: If you live in a remote area, then please add an extra 3-7 days.

We offer FREE shipping worldwide!

For more information on shipping and delivery please see our Help Center.